Fixed Income Sales & Trading

Unbiased market color, long-standing relationships, superior execution

Full market access in taxable and tax-exempt debt

Loop Capital provides a comprehensive array of fixed income instruments to arbitrage accounts, corporations, endowments, fund managers, hedge funds, insurance companies, municipalities and others with diverse investment goals and strategies.  Our combination of intelligent market analysis, a strong sales team and secondary market trading puts Loop Capital in an elite group of firms focused on fixed income sales and trading.  Our clients expect and receive the expertise and personal attention it takes to produce quantifiable contributions to their investment performance.

Our goal is to help clients structure trades more effectively, provide unbiased market color to assist in portfolio optimization, and execute trades to a higher standard.  Loop Capital delivers access to both the primary and secondary market in taxable and tax-exempt debt across the yield curve. 

Working across our platforms to deliver optimal client value

Investors gain access to a broad array of securities traded in the secondary market whether through leveraging Loop Capital's own inventory or the inventory of our clients. Through our corporate and municipal finance efforts, we are able to complement our secondary trading activities with access to securities in the primary market.

Loop Capital's firm-wide commitment to understanding client needs delivers highly-tailored solutions such as matching investment issuer needs with investor requirements in reverse inquiry transactions. We also provide portfolio structuring and portfolio liquidation.

Products and Services

Fixed Income Securities - Taxable Fixed Income Securities - Municipals
Secondary Trading Products
  • U.S. Treasuries and TIPS
  • Agencies (Discount Notes, Callable Agencies & Floating Rate Agencies
  • Money Market Products
  • Investment Grade / High-Yield Corporates
  • Structured Products

Additional Services 

  • Electronic Trading
  • Reverse Inquiry


Short-Term Products

  • Variable Rate Demand Notes (VRDN)
  • Commercial Paper
  • Short-Term Notes

Long-Term Products 

  • Tax-Exempt Municipal Bonds
  • Taxable Municipal Bonds

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